American History

This round of literacy focused on the study of the American history as it was beneficial since we are sitting the SAT. We read and discussed major events such as the American Civil War, the Great Depression, and the American revolution. We also studied the meat packing industry, immigration, and Native Americans. Below is my analysis of the causes of the American Civil War.

The Civil War resulted from the different views of the South and the North on slavery: slavery was part of the Southern way of life – as agriculture in the Southern climate benefited from having slaves – whereas the North viewed slavery as something against their moral belief. According to the article, the Southerner could worth zero cent and end up being worth “100,000 to a million of dollars” in just five years because of the “free labor” they were exploiting. On the other hand, the Northerner(who were about “20 percent” “foreign-born”), who had “no need for slaves,” no concern for Southern “lifestyle or traditions,” and with a religion that “prohibited slavery,” wanted slavery gone. The Northerners even went as far as to “rescue fugitive blacks from the slave catchers.” This shows that the conflict – the Civil War – arose because the Southerners, whose population were half slaves, thrived under slavery and wanted it to continue while the Northerners, who didn’t benefit much from owning slaves and had a moral obligation against the practice, wanted slavery gone.