Change Cambodia

Hidden Voices Exploration
This exploration was about preserving faded Cambodian and Phnong songs. We did it by traveling all around Cambodia to record songs and musics. We went through many provinces such as Kampong Spue, Mondul Kiri, Phnom Penh and some other places on our way. We also tried to learn about Cambodian songs by inviting speakers, and went on field trips to learn from experts. After our trip ended we created a podcast about our collections of faded songs. I believe that this exploration did preserve some of the songs that was forgotten from ever fading away.

Drone Exploration
This is a CYOE(choose your own exploration) which means we can pick the members and the topic for the exploration ourselves. My 3 other members and I chose to learn about drone. We practice with the toy one just to get famaliar with the toggles and then got the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced to learn and also film for others. We are call Cambodia Aerial Photography and we have already done two commercial films, one for CamKid + Solar village and another one for Arch Hub in the economic zone. CamKid is a school for Cambodian children in a rural village in Kampong Spue. The director of the school, Mr. Dominic Sharp, hired us to film the school from the sky. There is also a village nearby that is equiped with solar lamps which is also somehow connected with the school so we also filmed the solar village on that trip. I think my team and I helped CamKid get more donators because aerial films show more of the school and will help more donators to realise what a great school CamKid is.

Humans of Cambodia Exploration
Our teacher got inspired by a blog calls Humans of Newyork which has photos and qoutes from people all around Newyork. In this exploration we went on fieldtrips to interview people and then choose the best part of the conversation and posted it on the blog. My friends, Mengthong and Sokea, and I were the one that posted and organize the blog. Everyone in the group interviewed, listen to the audio, and transcribed. I think this exploration allowed people to share their ideas and also allow other people from other nations to understand deeper about Cambodians.

Ministry Workshop Day
The minister of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports had asked us, Liger, to put up a workshop for the people from the ministry about our curiculum. Students was divided into groups and each group was leading by at least a learning facilitator to present a specific topic. I was in a group that was leading by Dom, our country director, with 6 other students to present about our core values and change agent characteristics.

Changing Cambodia

To me changing Cambodia is not just physical changing. But it also about people opinion too. I think in education is one of the top problem in Cambodia. Most students in Cambodia just learn about the theory but not doing real experiments. Some people think that go to study is just a key to pass the test and get certificate for jobs in the future. If they study part time usually teacher with put the work the will go on the test that made it easier for them by just go to part time study and copy teacher’s works. One of the solution that I thought about was to have the ministry of education make the test not the teacher. When this happen teacher can’t give the questions to the students anymore that made student study harder. Teacher can still teach part time with the lesson about the previous lessons that help them more after formal class. Another problem is also about the trash and uncleaned water in Cambodia. My hypothesis is that if this problem is still not fixed in Cambodia the tourist might be decrease because of the beauty and the smell from the trash.One of the solution that I thought about is to do real punish to the people who break the law not just have the law for nothing. Another solution is also to have government’s own trash collector that have the job to collect all trash around the city. I shared my idea of education with my other 4 team mates to the people in Development Innovation and in the sharation in our school, Liger. Furthermore I also shared this idea in the Robotic Competition which take place in Singapore. In that competition I also part of showing Singapore that I am from Cambodia and Cambodian can do it too.