Hidden Voices Exploration

This is the Hidden Voices exploration. We went around Cambodia to interview people about music and songs in their community. When we returned we edited it and made it into a podcast with different segments. I was the editor for the podcast with 2 other students.

Check out our podcast

Introducing Segment

Village Elders

Minorities of Cambodia

Singing Star part 1

Singing Star Part 2

Conclusion and Credits

Entrepreneurship – Chili Sauce

This is the second entrepreneurship class that I ever had and it is really exciting. I got to apply what my job is in the Exploration and I applied to be in the outreach team. Sadly I got rejected by my teacher and I joined the legal team to look at the legal aspect to make our business legal. After a week I found out that it is not as bad as it seem but it is actually really exciting. We researched, interviewed a lawyer and interviewed a Liger staff to find out the answer to these questions.

  1. We need more clarity on the steps to register a business
  2. What is a Certificate of Origin? Do we need/want one?
  3. What health certificates would we need to sell locally?
  4. What health certificates would we need to export our product?
  5. How would we export our product?
  6. If we bottle and label our sauce can we begin selling it right away? (Outreach team)?


Drone Exploration

We proposed to Liger to buy us the DJI Phantom 3 for us to learn to film and creating our own drone business. We promised Liger that we will pay back the money that Liger invested on the drone. We have currently done two commercial films, one was for Camkid and the Solar Village and another one was for Arch Hub. Below is our drone commercial.