AP Computer Science Course

Advance Placement Computer Science is a computer science course that focuses on object-oriented programming and algorithmic thinking and development using Java. This course is offered by College Board as an opportunity for high schoolers to earn credits for a college-level computer science course. Here’s a snapshot of my Lab 5 which allows the user to input two strings. The program will-then check if the characters are all valid (space, a to Z, and %). The character % will be replaced by the second string. For example, if the user input, “This is %”, and “awesome”. The program will output “This is awesome”.


Augmented Reality Workshop

What is AR?
The word augmented means having been made in greater size or value. Augmented reality is mixing the virtual world with the real world. Here’s an augmented trailer by Microsoft HoloLens.

AR Workshop
My friends and I joined a workshop hosted by an expert who introduced us to using Unity 3D to make AR application. He used Vuforia and a tutorials package to get us introduced to Unity 3D and AR application in general.