Robotic Exploration

This is my second exploration in this new year. We were preparing for VEX robotics competition is Taiwan. There are many challenges that we had along the way. We need to learn C programming language to be able to program the robot. We also have a lot less material that a lot of the team that participated in the competition. We put two motors on the drive wheels, four on the arm and two on the claws. On the day before we left to Taiwan for the competition, the two motors stopped working properly. We tried many things and came up with a conclusion that the motor is carrying too much weight which caused it to go too hot. We changed from high speed to high torque and it ran smooth but very slow. During the competition, we got four extra motors donated from TAS and added two to the drive wheels and two to the arm. We didn’t finish it on time for the first four match but we did pretty well in the rest of the qualifying match. It was a great experience for all of us and we learned a lot.