STEM Class Experiment

I learn about heat capacity and also learn why water with high heat capacity is so important on Earth. I did some experiment with water temperature then record the data, analysed and graphed. I also learned how to use some science experiment instruments with the software call SPARKvue.


Minecraft Sonnet:

You changed your name but couldn’t change your face

You tied your shoes but couldn’t hide your feet

You have speed boost but couldn’t win the race

You used resistance to survive the heat

When play Skywar you fell into the void

When Play Sheep quest you always lost your sheep

Play Team Death Match you always have skills choice

You want Ultra but wait until it’s cheap

When build a house you want to use bedrock

When you are hungry you should get meat

When you play too much you always get shocked

When play with Mod you never want to cheat

Playing Minecraft you need the Internet

We hope you really enjoyed our sonnet

By: Ketya and Mengthong